DIY Boyfriend Jeans

Recently I've noticed that a lot of celebs have been rocking these Boyfriend Jeans! Boyfriend Jeans are a relaxed form of jeans which are usually a little louse/baggy and sometimes distressed. I have been looking for a pair and I've seen some at Zara and Gap but for $40-$70 and I'm working on a college budget. So what I did was use an old pair that did not fit anymore and created my own DIY BF Jeans.

Here are some celebs that are known to rock boyfriend jeans.

Rosie Huntington:

Kim Kardashian: 

Jessica Alba:

 Keep in mind I do not own the pictures of the celebs. Oddly enough the celebs I chose picked the same type of styling methods wearing a white top with nude shoes (Except for Bad Girl RiRi had to change her pic haha). These are not the only way to style these jeans, comment below to let me know if you'd like me to do a lookbook on how I wear boyfriend jeans! 

Stay Fearless, 

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