Edgy Summer Outfit

Hey there!

I'm back with another Outfit of the Day! I feel that this outfit is more true to my style. I really enjoy that edgy, urban, I guess you could say "rocker look." This outfit is great for those really hot days. I'm on the east coast and it gets super hot and HUMID at times. I follow mostly west coast fashion bloggers and they usually layer in their summer outfits but for us on the east coast it's not that easy. 

I didn't get a pic of my necklace but you can see it in this thumbnail. This necklace consists of two pearls from New Zealand which are unique crafted as you'll see in the video. 
My favorite part of the outfit are the Jeffrey Campbell Litas, they really made the outfit pop. Not only that but they also elongate my legs and trust me these shoes are super comfortable! 

I hope you enjoyed the video and my corny pictures haha. See you guys next time! 
Never Basic, 

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